The Pathfinder stud was founded in 1986 with a base
of elite cows from The Basin herd and the purchase of
top female bloodlines from around Australia.
Currently, the Pathfinder breeding program, owned by
Nick and Sara Moyle, comprises a herd of over 3500
cattle spread over 7 properties in  South Australia and
All females are inseminated to the industry's top sires,
with over 400 embryo's implanted from elite Pathfinder
Breedplan has revolutionised our ability to make
genetic progress, along with A.I. and E.T. However the
challenge is to find an optimal level for production traits
that suit both our environment and premium market
Our cattle are run at above district stocking rates with
hay being fed sparingly. The bulls are  grass fed, giving
a good indication of their 'doing ability'.
Being a locally based owner/operator we pride
ourselves on providing service and backup
immediately should the need arise.
Our program of having grass fed service tested bulls
from proven genetics has eliminated most of the
common problems.
The Moyle family have been breeding performance
recorded Angus cattle since 1956 with sales to all
states of Australia, Russia, China and USA.
We have a policy of continually using top proven sires that already have progeny performing under commercial
conditions. This greatly increases the reliability and consistency of our bulls. These genetics are then transferred to our
clients' herds resulting in an even drop of calves with a higher percentage hitting the premium specifications.

We hold three annual sales at our Naracoorte property,SA, at Gazette, Hamilton, VIC and Roma, QLD. This has allowed
for greater accessibility of quality bulls for clients both in SA, VIC and QLD.

We look forward to seeing you at our
field days and on the sale day.